Blockchain technology offers early adopters logistic and profitability advantages

Save time. Lower costs. Reduce errors.

The backbone of a reliable supply chain is a system for tracking materials and products on a blockchain: a public, permission-based ledger that is secure and inclusive. Whether you need to improve JIT deliveries, prove authenticity or guarantee quality, Agile's item-level tracking is a leading-edge solution for businesses of all sizes.

Agile Specializes in Supply Chain Solutions

First movers adopting a blockchain solution in supply chain management are realizing a significant competitive advantage in every sector. Agile's innovative team can help you devise a blockchain strategy to ensure you get the most out of this revolutionary technology. When you are ready to implement the strategy, Agile's development team can create a custom blockchain solution that fulfills those goals.


Producers who understand the importance of first mover advantage recognize the many mutual benefits of supply chain transparency and are beginning to implement blockchain solutions with permission-based data tracking.


Warehousing, fulfilment and JIT delivery operators can achieve unparalleled tracking of every order and quickly recognize problematic systems and suppliers to improve their overall performance and accountability.


Product provenance in retail is becoming an important factor to prove authenticity, place of origin, freshness, quality, as well as the many social issues related to both environmental concerns and fair trade employment.

The future of SCM is transparent

The ground swell of demand for transparency in all stages of product procurement has steadily increased consumer willingness to pay a premium for products made by companies committed to making a positive social and environmental impact. The food sector is a front-runner in this regard, with almost 80% off all grocery shoppers now making it common practice to check the origin of their consumables.



Blockchain-enabled supply chain platform

Blockchain technologies offer many benefits for manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. A powerful new IoT supply chain implementation can be enabled and integrated with your existing manufacturing process and asset management systems with all your trusted devices at your point of origin as well as in the field.

  • Digital Ownership Certificates
  • Proof of Origin
  • Asset and Assembly Tracking
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Integrated Financial Transactions
  • Tamperproof Collaborative Product Master Data