In an optimized supply chain,
every physical product and component will have a digital history

Allows you to trace and verify item origins, attributes and ownership 24/7

Agile Blockchain Corp. is a company geared toward finding solutions to the issues faced by the supply chain industry. The complexity of doing business in a global environment has been increasing and supply chains have become a vast network of interwoven activity. Sometimes products can be sourced from hundreds of locations, pre-assembled in others, and finally assembled in yet another location. All this activity can span over many countries and jurisdictions creating an intricate web of interdependent business functions. Any disruption in even one of these activities can seriously hamper or halt businesses causing costly interruptions.

The Blockchain

Blockchain technology is powerful and promises to address tremendous pain points the supply chain is going through including, uncertainty, lack of transparency, lack of trust, theft, time and efficiency, document forgery etc. 

Agile Blockchain's focus is on solutions that can minimize the risks of these disruptions. In a climate of uncertainty, secure and elegant blockchain solutions will create new levels of trust in supply chain management. Agile's unique approach incorporates software, hardware and knowledge based services to bring your business what is most important – the ability to be agile in a world of uncertainty.

Our Vision

A blockchain communications system that delivers unparalleled
operational efficiency to the supply chain industry


Our Goal

Seamlessly, immutably link every physical product and component with its digital history

The result is that you can verify all information and know everything about your goods without the need to reference any outside party. Agile Blockchain Corp. is geared toward finding solutions to the issues faced by the supply chain industry. By streamlining communications and reducing uncertainty we can reduce your cost of service and increase operational efficiency. Supply chains have become a vast network of interwoven activity and products can be sourced from hundreds of locations pre-assembled in one and final assembly elsewhere. All of this activity can span over many countries and jurisdictions creating an intricate web of interdependent business functions. We aim to curtail the interruptions that occur because of miscommunications or other disruptions.


Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned Blockchain experts and solid leadership.
Agile is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution as it finds its way in to more domains.

Miles McDonald

CEO and Director

Miles is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience. Between 2008 and 2013 he was the CEO of Voltaire Power. Prior to that he was VP Consulting at Colliers International. His expertise encompasses entrepreneurship, information technology, financial due diligence and strategic management. Miles holds an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.

Manish Dixit

Chief Technology Officer

Manish has over 20 years of industry experience managing medium to large size enterprise software projects. He has built successful tech teams in North America and India. Manish has spent extensive time working in top technology companies in Silicon Valley (windriver/intel) and has been part of several successful technology start-up companies. Manish holds Bachelors degree in Computer Science from California State University, East Bay. Most recently, he was the CTO of Internet of Things Inc. (TSXV:ITT), a software and solutions provider company.

Khurram Qureshi

Chief Financial Officer

Khurram brings 25+ years experience in the field of accounting and corporate finance. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1990 and has held Chief Financial Officer positions at several publicly listed technology companies. He has been a key member on several merger and acquisition teams, while working in industry.

Advisory Board

Professor Jianfeng Guo

Professor Jianfeng Guo is the Chief Technology Officer of Xi’an WDT Co., Ltd. Jianfeng has written and registered 6 patents related to Artificial Intelligence and financial technologies. He has a Master of Science (Information technology) from University of Reading, UK, MBA from University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business and EMBA from University of St. Gallen, Management School, Switzerland. Between 1995 and 2004, he obtained many international professional designations, including PMP.

Mathew Gamble

Mathew Gamble is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Thoughtfire Consulting Inc. Prior to his current position, Matthew was a technical product manager and systems architect for Primus Telecom where he worked on their current Patent. Prior to that, Matthew was a partner in a technology consulting firm where he tripled the size of the team, before selling the company to Primus Canada. Matthew is an insightful, results-driven IT professional with 18+ years of experience in designing, implementing, and directing a broad range of telecommunications, internet service and new technology initiatives.


Dr. Shawkat Bhuiyan

Dr. Shawkat Bhuiyan is the Head of Technology Strategy & Architecture at BMO Harris Bank and BMO Financial Corporation, USA. Dr. Bhuiyan has over 25 years of experience in IT management, consulting and project development. In the early part of his career, Shawkat spent over 10 years with IBM as an IT architect. In addition, he worked as an enterprise architect for Rogers Communications and was a senior manager at Accenture.

Shawkat has a Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Petroleum & Minerals in Saudi Arabia and PhD in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from University of Saskatchewan.

Brad Cutten

Brad Cutten is the Chief Technology Officer & Chief Strategist of Equity Crowdfunding Corp., a Canadian Fintech company. Brad has 10+ years of technology experience, including robotics, artificial intelligence, programming and web development. Brad has an Honours B. Sc with a major in Computer Science from Brock University and Computer Studies Honours Specialist certification from Western University.


Professor Rongbing Huang

Professor Rongbing Huang is an associate professor in School of Administrative Studies, York University. Rongbing received his PhD in operations management from Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He is an active member of the Institution for Operations Research and the Management Science (INFORMS), and Canadian Operational Research Society (CROS). For the past seven years, he has been a visiting professor to Spain and China, and has published multiple journals on various platforms including INFOR, Computers and Industrial Engineering etc. The area of research that Rongbing specializes in is operations management, facility location, supply chain management, and combinatorial auction.