Provenance is now a key consumer demand

Both retailers and manufacturers are held accountable for the products they sell

Foodborne contamination is just one emerging challenge in the food supply chain. A blockchain solution offers the fastest, most reliable, and complete overview of your network allowing all products potentially effected to be quickly identified and removed from the supply chain regardless of where they reside in: stores, restaurants, warehouses or still in transport.

Global container shipping advantages

Save time, money and reduce errors.

The world-wide container shipping still involves a lot of unnecessary paperwork. Bill of lading and other paper-based freight documents are prone to loss, tampering and fraud. An Agile blockchain solution can identify and resolve these problems quickly and prevent them from happening.

Protect your customers from knock-off products

Almost every vertical is now facing counterfeit fraud including medicine, technology and fashion

The growing international problem of counterfeit medicine is becoming a major concern for pharmacy supply chains with serious inherent risks involved for consumers. In particular, more expensive products and leading brands are vulnerable to knock-off products that reaches far beyond the pharmacy, affecting everything from mobile devices to high-end fashion. Supply chains empowered by blockchain technology offer the most secure and tamper-proof method of ensuring your product is the genuine article.

IoT is changing the landscape

The supply chain is the leading edge of this revolution

An ever-increasing number of logistics objects can now be equipped with sensors that generate supply chain transparency. The status of a delivery, storage conditions such as temperature or humidity are just a few examples. The key to reliability lies in a blockchain solution that stores this data in an immutable, accessible way.